We research your business to pinpoint your needs

You have always had good executives — now you need the best. The Pacific Firm identifies and delivers the premier talent in your field, coupling a unique targeted search process with a comprehensive evaluation of every candidate we present.

Rather than recycling contacts, we go deep into your business and research the competitive landscape to uncover leaders and innovators in your industry. This data is tracked in a proprietary recruitment database that includes over 3 million contacts. Our clients receive weekly status reports and in-depth reporting on every project.

We are a retained executive search firm, and as such, we base our fees on a percentage of the candidate’s compensation — generally 30%. However, we differ from other recruiting firms in that we go into every project with an agreement that our fees will not exceed a pre-determined cap. This way, you can budget more effectively and rest assured we are working on your behalf. We’re not chasing the most expensive candidates. We’re scanning the market for the most qualified.

Our Process



Information Gathering



Position Description & Recruitment Plan


Candidate Identification


Candidate Development




Reference Checking & Negotiation

Information Gathering — strategic planning

Every search is unique. The Pacific Firm works with your company to outline your exact needs and the specifications of your position. Our team then designs a targeted, effective search strategy, custom-fit to your needs.

Deliverable: Job specification and search strategy

Target List Development

While advertisements and resume databases occasionally turn up qualified prospects, we know that the most talented and capable candidates in your industry are already working — for your competitors. To find them, we develop a target list of the companies in which we’re likely to ding the talent you need.

Deliverable: Target List for client approval

Name Identification

Then, The Pacific Firm’s uniquely trained staff identifies the most promising candidates within each organization. Combining discreet research with a host of resources, including our own proprietary database, we create a verified research document outlining each candidate’s name, title and fit within his or her broader organization. These first three steps may be enough to supplement your own active recruiting efforts.

Deliverable: Research Document

Candidate Development

Next, our operatives contact each candidate personally. In addition to developing interested candidates and further leads, this contact gives you valuable insight into your industry. Your updated research document will include information invaluable to your future decision-making, for your competitors’ organizational structures and salary levels to individual comments from key professionals.

Deliverable: Updated research document


Resumes and titles can only tell you so much about an individual. We use multiple rounds of interviews to learn everything you’ll need to compare candidates effectively. Our Write-Up will give you the details you need to pick final candidates, from work history and exact responsibilities to salary requirements and relocation concerns.

In addition, we will present you with an assessment of each candidate’s fit with both the position and your corporate culture. Working with your specific needs and concerns, we rank each candidate against the entire panel. Our Candidate Comparison Grid lets you evaluate and compare candidates quickly and efficiently while the write-ups and resumes let you examine individuals in depth, instantly.

Deliverable: Resume’s, Write-Ups and Candidate Comparison Grid

Reference Checking and Salary Negotiation

When you are ready to make an offer, The Pacific Firm is there to facilitate negotiations wherever you need us. Because our fees are capped, we are incented to negotiate the offer on behalf of our client rather than the candidate. We clearly communicate your intentions and the candidate’s expectation to ensure an expedient and successful offer/acceptance, with no last minute surprises. Once sign-off is complete, we personally notify every candidate in order to maintain your strong public relations.

Deliverable: Reference checking reports, offer negotiation, and sign-off

The Pacific Firm delivered perfection with the very first candidate…and then the 2nd through 5th to ensure we had backups. Ours is a niche industry and I never expected they would find so many qualified candidates in our domain — their database is absolutely unmatched.

Stacie is highly organized, detail-oriented, and extremely high-touch, staying close to our management team throughout the entire process, nudging and guiding us appropriately and when needed so that our candidates had the best experience possible with us. Her reports ensured we knew what was going on every step of the way and provided a useful deep dive when we were preparing to interview candidates. I’ve never had such an experience with a recruiting firm, and have referred Stacie to many in my professional network.

Chief Operating Officer, Online Marketplace Company