We serve the best in the business

Since our inception, The Pacific Firm has successfully closed over 3700 projects at all levels of seniority in every major industry. We have supported hundreds of companies and organizations in building exceptional teams to fulfill their strategic objectives. Many of our clients are referred to us by venture capital or private equity firms. From technology and finance to consumer products and healthcare, and from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 100 global brands, below are just a few of the firms we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

A sampling of the roles we’ve successfully filled.

Board Member
Business Analyst
COO/SVP Retail
Creative Director
Director, Brand Strategy
Director, Business Development
Director, Catalog Marketing
Director, Client Services
Director, Clinical Operations
Director, CRM
Director, Database Marketing
Director, Development
Director, Ecommerce

Director, Human Resources
Director, Information Technology
Director, Marketing
Director, Operations
Director, Product Management
Director, Retail Operations
Director, Sales
Director, Software Development
Director, Supply Chain
Director/VP, Network Operations
Financial Analyst
General Counsel
GM–Sales Operations
GM & Head of Market Research
Head of Digital Marketing
Head of Finance and Accounting
Head of Merchandising/GMMs
Head of Client Reporting
Partner, Senior Marketing and IR

Principal Engineer
Program Director
Regional Director
SaaS Software Engineer
Scientist & Project Leader
Senior Director, Brand Strategy
Senior Director, Global Customer Support
Senior Director, Prosumer Marketing
Senior Director, Recruiting
Senior Director, Supply Chain IT
Senior Engineer
Senior Financial Analyst
SVP, Information Technology
SVP, Marketing
SVP, Worldwide Sales
SVP, Advertising Sales
SVP, Analytical Marketing
SVP, Engineering
SVP, Insurance Services

SVP, Merchandising
SVP, National Underwriting
SVP, Operations
SVP, Product Development
VP, Acquisition Marketing
VP, Business Development
VP, Catalog Merchandising
VP, Design
VP, Engineering
VP, Finance & Accounting
VP, Global Enterprise Applications
VP, IT Infrastructure
VP, Marketing
VP, Merchandising
VP, Operations
VP, Patient Safety
VP, Professional Services
VP, Research
VP, Research & Development
VP, Sales

In this current tight labor market, the best candidates for leadership roles are typically not the ones who are actively looking. That’s why working with an experienced recruiting agency who can tease out uniquely qualified candidates is so essential. The Pacific Firm also appreciates the importance of cultural fit and they are incredibly responsive, which is why we love working with them.

Anders Bialek, VP of Corporate Development and Strategy at iRobot