We fill strategies, not just empty seats


We are generalists in the executive search industry with expertise in technology, retail, consumer products, and financial services recruiting. We serve a limited number of clients and our executive recruiters put a premium on building and maintaining long-term client relationships. This means The Pacific Firm can offer boutique-style service with the market presence and resources of a major executive search firm.

We specialize in finding passive candidates. While some companies have no shortage of people that respond as soon as they post a position, that is not the norm for most companies. By employing targeted research and sourcing skills, we proactively seek out top tier talent. These are people that are not necessarily looking for work but who respond to our professionalism and tenacity. We approach passive candidates with information and knowledge so we are compelling. We know how to present your company so it is attractive to innovators and leaders.


The global technology market is growing at lightning speed, replacing industrialization as the world’s driving force of productivity and change. Groundbreaking advances in digital are impacting all types of commerce and customer/supplier engagement. Data is becoming a competitive weapon for the enterprise.

We have been working in the technology industry for 20 years, with firms ranging from digital start-ups to Fortune 500 technology companies. We’ve filled hundreds of technology-related positions from software engineers to CTOs.


With globalization, the emergence of drop shipping and wholesale market places, artificial and intelligence and robotics, and changes in consumer behavior, manufacturers of consumer goods must evolve quickly or become obsolete. We take a Silicon Valley approach to the consumer products industry working with companies in personal care, cosmetics, housewares, apparel, footwear, food and beverage, consumer electronics, and more.

Whether you need a CMO or SVP of Sales, we’ll help you find your next innovation leader.



Whether you are a specialty retailer or a global giant, the ability to attract, develop, and retain dynamic leadership is critical to shaping your future. Today’s retail leaders must possess unique and exacting skill sets with cross-cultural understanding and the ability to integrate digital, social, and e-commerce market trends to drive growth.

Our deep experience in the retail sector, with clients such as Sephora, Gap, and Walmart gives us an edge when it comes to finding experienced retail talent.


There are few sectors that have witnessed as much change over the past 20 years as financial services. With the ubiquity of online banking and mobile payment systems, to the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges, and consumer demand for transparency, convenience, and control, financial services companies need innovators who can manage and lead change.

Whether you are a global investment firm or a merchant services start-up, we can help you find leaders with a vision toward the future.


As a private equity firm, we understand the value of working with a search firm that is as cost conscious and flexible as we are, while delivering top-tier results. We have introduced all our portfolio companies to the Pacific Firm. They have delivered time and time again.

Scott Potter, Principal, San Francisco Equity Partners


Oftentimes it’s difficult for organizations to know what kind of talent is needed to achieve their vision and move the business forward. It’s not atypical for companies to run into hurdles as they evolve from one growth stage to the next — in fact, there are predictable management challenges that emerge in all organizations.

An outside perspective can highlight current leadership abilities and where additional skillsets can overcome obstacles to growth and improve organizational performance.

We provide bespoke organizational consulting that answers such questions as: What positions should you hire next to build the organization? What leadership strengths do you currently have and what’s lacking? Where are sources of conflict or reasons for a decline in revenue?

While every assignment is unique, our consulting services generally fall into one of two areas:

Defining long-term talent needs. We assess your current team to determine strengths and weaknesses in the organization and help define your long-term talent needs, and then develop a strategy for meeting those needs.

Assessing and Optimizing Organizational Performance. We evaluate your operations, from a single department to the organization as a whole and make recommendations for improving operational efficiencies and implementing best practices.

When you need more than just human capital, let us help you improve your competitive advantage.